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About Me

Hi my name is Dawn, I am a Psychic Medium, I`m also a wife, a mother, daughter, a sister and a friend.

I offer comfort and healing through messages from our loved ones who have passed into the spirit world.

With the aid of Tarot cards, Angel cards, Oracle cards and my highly intuitiveness I assist and guide through many of life's challenges where we feel at a cross roads or are questioning relationships, work and many of the what next questions.

For as long as I remember I've felt spirit and angels around, I See, Hear, Smell and just have a strong sense of Knowing what Spirit want to say and with this I have been able to pass on messages of guidance and comfort to loved ones and also their personality traits and a fair few jokes have been shared along with tears of pride and happiness.

For readings I offer a wide range of online card readings and online Mediumship readings.
If you live in Ireland I can travel to you (t&cs apply) or You can travel to me, I`m based in Kells Co. Meath.

Thank you for visiting my website.
Before you go please leave a review.

                                             Sprinkles of love & light xxxx

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