About Me

Hi my name is Dawn, I am a Psychic Medium, I`m also a wife, a mother, daughter, a sister and a friend.

I offer comfort and healing through messages from our loved ones who have passed into spirit.
I also read Tarot cards, Angel cards and Oracle cards. 


For as long as I remember ive felt spirit and angels around, I See, Hear, Smell and just have a strong sense of Knowing what Spirit and the Angels want to say and I have been able to pass on their messages of guidance and comfort.

For readings I offer a wide range of online card readings and online Mediumship readings.
If you live in Ireland I can travel to you (t&cs apply) or You can travel to me, I`m based in Kells Co. Meath.

Thank you for visiting my website.

                                              Sprinkles of love & light xxxx

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